Residential & Commercial Remodeling & Additions

Are you interested in having an experienced professional help you perform a series of residential home improvement projects on a fixer upper you just purchased? Would you like to hire a commercial remodeling contractor to assist you as you work to make a few much-needed changes to your business? Nick Den, LLC offers residential and commercial remodeling services and can provide you with everything from kitchen remodeling to bathroom renovations for residents and business owners in Windsor, CT.

Nick Den, LLC can cater to anyone looking to do residential home improvement. We help with:

  • Full-home remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Home additions

Whether you choose a residential and commercial remodeling project, a contractor will take care of everything involved in your specific plan. From electrical work to plumbing, we have more than two decades worth of experience in the remodeling space and can make residential home improvements to any home, no matter what kind of shape it is in.

Nick Den, LLC takes the same approach to serving businesses as a commercial remodeling contractor in Avon and Windsor, CT as well as the surrounding areas. If your commercial property doesn’t look appealing to your clients and customers, or if it doesn’t function well for your employees, we help change that. We remodel the layout, expand it by putting on an addition, and help you choose the right flooring options to make your business stand out.

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Contact Nick Den, LLC at 860-306-4493 today if you’ve been thinking about doing kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations or other home improvement projects. We can send a contractor out to give you a quote for a residential project or let you know how a commercial remodeling contractor can benefit your business.